Position Players to Watch for in Summer Koshien 2014

Kazuma Okamoto


In my last piece, I took a look at top pitchers in the Summer Koshien. This time, I’ll introduce some of the best position players in the tournament.

Kazuma Okamoto

1B/3B, Chiben Gakuen

6’0/209 lbs Bats: Right/Throws: Right

Okamoto is the best pure power hitter in the 2014 class.  With 73 HR in the books in his high school career coming into the tournament, his raw power can stand out at the NPB level. Not only possessing un-Japanese-like power, he also uses the whole field. Although he’s limited to the corner position due to his poor fielding skills, the arm flashes plus potential, tops out at 90 MPH throwing off the mound.

Yushin Shimizu

C, Kyushu International University HS

6’0/194 lbs, Bats: Right/Throws: Right

He’s a catcher, and he can hit, both for power and average.  He has 35 career home runs at this point. Home-to-second pop time tops out at 1.78.

Naoto Wakimoto

OF, Kendai Takasaki

5’9/176 lbs, Bats: Left/Throws: Right

The outfielder’s got athleticism, all 5 tools in him. He flashes power from the left side, has 57 career long balls, runs 50 meter dash in 6.1 seconds, and possesses a cannon for an arm.

Shotaro Hata

OF, Nishogakusha HS

6’0/209 lbs Bats: Right/Throws: Right

With 56 career home runs, the kid shows power to both pull and opposite side. Needs to learn to adjust to inside pitches. Other tools are mediocre at best.


Kazuto Yamazaki is a Sports Contributor at The Scoop. Follow him on Twitter at @Kazuto_Yamazaki.


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