Guest Writer Jeff Malco Presents: Show Me the Skittle$

It comes as no surprise that Marshawn Lynch decided to hold out at the beginning of training camp this year. When you are the spokesperson for a company like Skittles, you not only “taste the rainbow,” but you also see the gold at the other end.

New York Daily News
New York Daily News

Ok, so that’s not entirely true, as Lynch is the first person Skittles has ever signed to an endorsement deal. Although the numbers have yet to be released, it would not appear that there was a significant allotment of cash exchanged.

So why then would Lynch agree to said endorsement deal with Skittles?

It all started back in high school, when Lynch would eat Skittles—or “power pellets” as his mom would call them—during football games, to give him that extra edge. I’m no medical professional, but to think that Skittles could help a player on the field is almost ludicrous. Yet, before you fall out of your chair laughing, dietitians have actually researched and found that Skittles could help a player during a game. This is due to the fact that the tasty little candies have glucose and a little fructose, which together will give someone a little extra energy.

So there’s that.

Last season in Seattle, multiple supermarkets reported running out of Skittles during home games. Devoted Seahawks fans imitated Russell Wilson, throwing “rainbow showers” every time Lynch scored a touchdown. In Seattle’s 10 home games, Lynch scored 12 touchdowns. It would take far too much effort on my part to mathematically calculate exactly how many Skittles went flying during those 10 weeks. Perhaps someone should call on ESPN Sport Science to push its research team for resolve on this important issue. Let’s just say the end zone turf at CenturyLink Field at times resembled rainbow-hued sod.

Now, you may wonder why Lynch chose Skittles over so many other candy options. Come in off the ledge; the answers lie here:

  • Let’s start with Zero; yes, the candy bar. We’re obviously not setting the “bar” very high here (no pun intended, at least not initially). Let’s try another.
  • The 100 Grand bar sounds good. Lynch thought so too, until his agent advised that it was limiting his financial future.
  • And then there’s Snickers. Anyone who watches television is familiar with the ad campaign, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Who truly is Marshawn Lynch? Do we really want to find out? With his track record of on-field transformation into Beast Mode, let’s stick with the Skittles. Who needs those stinking Snickers, anyhow? We all know how Lynch reacts to Skittles, and if he’s on your fantasy team, you want it to stay that way.

For Mars, striking a deal with Lynch could bring in a big profit for the company. Kantar Media, a media monitoring company, estimates that Lynch’s presence in the Super Bowl was worth as much as $5 million to Skittles.

Who knows if the country’s 14th-best-selling candy provides Lynch with that extra boost necessary to score touchdowns? The one thing we know is as long as Lynch keeps operating in his trademark Beast Mode, there will scarcely be Skittles available within a 100-mile radius of Seattle. It will continue raining Skittles. Literally.

Jeff Malco is just a small town girl, living in a lonely world and friend of The Scoop. Follow him on Twitter at @sportsgurujeff.

A note from Fantasy Lead, Jay Marks: The Real Jeff Malco is not to be confused with the Fake Jeff Malco. I’ll admit that when I first met him, I wasn’t completely sure I liked the real one. But … then he grew on me. Like a wart. 


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