Tuesday’s Takeaways from the Trenches — Week 1

The NFL’s Week 1 is in the books. And from a fantasy perspective, nothing kicks off a killer fantasy season like that first touchdown of the year. And who would score first in the Green Bay versus Seattle Thursday night matchup? Jordy Nelson? Marshawn Lynch? A healthy Percy Harvin? Eddie Lacy? Maybe even Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers?

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson
AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

All viable options, certainly. Yet … the first two touchdowns of the 2014 NFL season belong to—wait for it, wait for it— Packers fullback John Kuhn on a 2-yard run, and then a 33-yard touchdown catch from Seattle’s Ricardo Lockette, who sits fourth or fifth or eighth on the Seattle WR depth chart.

Gotta love fantasy football. Headaches and all.

Hope your adult beverage choices were spot-on. I know some of us needed a beverage or four to cry into, as our team’s performance was worse than those awful StubHub Ticket Oak commercials. [Sheesh. Can we rid the airwaves of those ads? Immediately?] Hopefully, it wasn’t too painful a kick in the face! Sorry, Cleveland.

CBS Sports
CBS Sports

Each Tuesday here, we’ll discuss, dialogue, dissect, deflect, dispute, defend and decode what happened the previous weekend. With a fantasy slant, of course. So, without further ado, let’s jump in. And—just so it’s said upfront—I DO realize one week does not a fantasy, or real, football season make. But it’s all we have to go off of, people. So let me rant; it’s one of my only skills.

Stats That Make You Go Hmmmm:

  • Of the consensus Top 10 draft picks in fantasy this year—Shady, Charles, AP, Forte, Lacy, Megatron, Jimmy, Demaryius, Ball and Dez—only three, Matt Forte, Calvin Johnson and Montee Ball, finished in the Top 50 scoring Week 1.
  • Additionally, the Top 5 consensus picks also happened to be RBs. Of those, only Matt Forte finished in the Top 25 of RB Week 1 scoring. Proponents of Zero RB strategy draft strategy are presently high-fiving in some dude’s basement.
  • QB: Jake Locker had more fantasy points (20.05) than the combination of Aaron Rodgers (9.56) and Tom Brady (10.26).
  • RB: Rookie Isaiah Crowell, third on Cleveland’s depth chart, had more standard fantasy points (15.2) than the combined total of Jamal Charles (3.4), Eddie Lacy (4.5), Zac Stacy (5.1) and Doug Martin (1.6). Yikes.
  • WR: Undrafted rookie, Jacksonville’s WR Allen Hurns had more standard fantasy points (23) than the totals put up by Julio Jones (9.6), Dez Bryant (5.5), Demaryius Thomas (4.8) and Michael Crabtree (2.5).
  • TE: Larry Donnell had more standard fantasy points (11.6) than the combined scores of Jimmy Graham (8.2) and Jason Witten (1.4).

Quick Hits

  1. The first scores in half of Sunday’s early games … were field goals. Who said kickers aren’t people, too? Well, at least @ALawRadio agrees with me.

  2. These rookies came to play, each scoring at least one touchdown in their NFL debut games: Allen Hurns, Isaiah Crowell, Brandin Cooks, Carlos Hyde, Kelvin Benjamin, and John Brown.
  3. Drew Brees’ first two completions were to Travis Cadet and Brandin Cooks, and the first Saints TD went to Khiry Robinson. Hello, Jimmy Graham?
  4. The first three plays from scrimmage for the Broncos were completed passes to new Peyton toy, Emmanuel Sanders. Welcome to the family, E.
  5. Imagine Le’Veon Bell’s day if LeGarrette Blount hadn’t vultured a TD!
  6. Is Knowshon back to repeat his 2013 fantasy top five finish? His 24/134/1 line ain’t too shabby. But I didn’t see him crying on the sidelines. Next week?
  7. Nothing really to do with fantasy, but the Jets tried a trick play where Chris Johnson took a snap, and tossed to Michael Vick, who barely overshot Eric Decker on a goal to go play just before halftime. Rex Ryan apparently wanted to integrate three new faces in a single play.
  8. Kendall Wright scored a touchdown Sunday on his six catches. And with that, he needs only one more this year to match his TD total of all of last year.
  9. I started a team of Matt Ryan, Brandon Marshall, Roddy White, Victor Cruz, Jamaal Charles, DeMarco Murray, Jordan Cameron and Percy Harvin. Not bad, huh? Yeah? Well, I got beat by 34 points. I’ll be bald by end of season.
  10. OK, this last one doesn’t really have to do with fantasy. But have you seen Cardinals coach, Bruce Arians choice in headwear at his pressers? Check out his kangol here. Wait, perhaps he DOES think he’s an Italian artist, crafting art out there. But does that mean he should limit Larry Fitzgerald to FOUR targets / ONE catch?

Shhhh … Let’s Keep It Our Little Secret

[Again, I know it’s only one week, but … I can admit when I was wrong. Really. I can. No, really. It’s me, not you. ]

  • I didn’t think Brandin Cooks would do much in Week 1. Clears throat. I mean, there’s Graham, Colston, Pierre Thomas, et al. [And what happened to Kenny Stills?]
  • I’m on record as saying I’ve been afraid Jake Locker is simply a game manager. After one week, I’m wrong. Nashville wants him to succeed … NEEDS him to succeed. I’m going all Missouri here, but … Show Me.

My Arm CAN Reach Around To Pat Myself On The Back

[Again, I know it’s only one week, but … I’m the MAN!]

  • I just knew Matty Ryan would go off. Pumps fist. Three TDs to go with 448 yards? Well I didn’t call THAT, or that he’d go all Drew Brees and have five receivers with at least 50 yards. But I do think he has a big year.
  • DeMarco Murray was facing a still tough 49er defense. And Romo and Dez were to kick off the year with a bang. Right? I still thought DeMarco would bring it. Now if he doesn’t get hurt this year …

And there you have it. I even made it through this post without a single mention of the Ray Rice tragic situation, Tony Romo’s less-than-stellar play or the impending drug policy change within NFL circles. They’re being covered enough elsewhere, I can only assume.

Hope you won your fair share of games this weekend. And I really hope you didn’t start a lineup similar to mine. [See Quick Hits, point #9 above.]

Until next time … stay strong, show kindness and NO RAGRETS.

Jay Marks is the Fantasy Football Lead for The Scoop. Follow him on Twitter at @FFHottieAsst.



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