The NFL Needs to Take a Hard Look at Itself


Since The Scoop Radio is taking the night off for the CFB Championship game, we won’t be on the air to talk about the controversy surrounding Dez Bryant’s catch at Lambeau yesterday. However, Jake Runey had a few things to say. Follow him on Twitter at @JakeRuney.

In response to the fans who say “poetic justice”, “karma”, etc. in response to the overturned call in yesterday’s Cowboys-Packers game:
The flag picked up last week against Detroit couldn’t be reviewed. That’s the rule of the game. The officials got together and decided it was in fact not a penalty, and picked up the flag. I think if they did get under the hood, they would have decided there were offsetting penalties and to replay the down.
In yesterday’s game, the play was called a catch on the field. This was a challengeable play, and therefore was challenged. This gave the refs and the league all the time they wanted to make the correct call. Every camera angle possible to make the correct call. Every rule within the book to make the correct call. They failed to make the right call. 
The league certainly has to review this and investigate its own staff. This is now added to a long list of failures in the commissioner’s painful year.
It’s all over now. Yes, there is a rule that allows the commissioner to overturn the call and restart the game from that point, but that will never happen. The fate of the Dallas Cowboys was left in the hands of the officials and their opinion of what a “common football move” is.
Sports in general have grown too big for the people who run it. So much relies on a single play that in no way should they ever have the power to decide on based on opinion.
The call on the field should have been allowed to stand based on the fact that there was no indisputable evidence to overturn the call. If there is even the slightest idea or thought that he could have made a lunge, or an extra step, the call should have stood. Period.

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