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Back Off Twitter ‘Dicks: Stewart Incident Too Fresh To Rule On

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Leave it to Tony Stewart to break the Internet overnight.

I woke up on Sunday morning and began my morning routine, which starts with scanning my Facebook and Twitter feeds before hitting the shower, if I even have time for cleanliness. This is what modern technology has done to lower my standards of hygiene.

Why put off a cleansing spray of warm water and soap? Because of news stories like this.

This is the type of news that gets the mind going to start the day, but it’s also the type of news that I know is going to create the daunting task of avoiding the Internet landmines laid down by people wanting to lock Tony Stewart away or worse, and those proclaiming their hero’s innocence.

Both sides building their case on the shaky foundation of a cell phone video and “eyewitness” accounts of the incident.

If you want to watch the accident take place, here you go. Caution, this is terribly disturbing:

And there is the smoking gun for those alleging innocence or guilt.

Twitchy, a site that appears to have been built on grabbing tweets and posting them in mass (God bless American ingenuity), has a nice rundown of the tweeting detectives in action.

I’ll save you a click if you’d like. The video shows Stewart swerving into or away from Kevin Ward Jr, depending on what side of frontier justice you fall on.

Any time that you fall in line with the thinking of a TNA Wrestling executive’s tweet at 2:26 in the morning, you might want to rethink your rush to judgement:

In the same vein, even level headed commentary like the one written by’s Steven Cole Smith needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Smith comments on how sprint cars are controlled on dirt tracks, and his personal relationship with Stewart as reasons for his disbelief that this could be an intentional act.

He does not know.

Bob Ryder does not know.

You, dear fan of The Scoop, do not know. That is unless you are Tony Stewart, which I find highly unlikely.

So let’s step back and let the facts come forward.

Or not. It’s entirely up to you.


Dustin Copening is a Sports Contributor for The Scoop. Follow him on Twitter at @PFUtilityMan.